Change Management Training

The Change Coach Workshop

Our Change Management training brings to life solutions for the effective implementation of change utilising the Change Institute of New Zealand’s X4MIS® Change Management Methodology.

  • The role of the leader – embodying the future
  • Case studies of organisational change
  • The 3 Cs, enabling people to make the change and deliver the strategy
  • The importance of recognising and rewarding success in achieving lasting change
  • Practical work to apply the methodology to real life situations
  • Action planning and conclusion – evaluating your organisation’s ‘changeability’
We have delivered a number of workshops customised for organisations getting started with their change initiatives.
  1. The Change Coach Workshops typically consist of four x 2.5 hour sessions over 3 or 4 weeks with the development of your project team, sponsor and key technology & business stakeholders
  2. The focus is on the development of the Change initiative that’s right for your organisation “adopt or adapt”
  3. The workshop concludes with a Change Management plan and a supporting documentation, including
  • Understanding and defining the scope
  • Rational, future model

Realised change management training for the X4MIS Change Management Methodology focuses on the core elements of the model and not on generic functions like Project Management or Communications Skills.  This ensures Realised’s Change Management Training is:

Change Management Institute NZ X4MIS change management methodology
  • Stakeholder analysis and resistance management
  • The Change Team – roles, responsibilities and reporting
  • Communications plan – getting the story right 
  • Change delivery plan
  1.  Focused on the X4MIS Change Practitioner Requirements;
  2. Aligned to the NZQA Learning Outcomes;
  3. Succinct, and;
  4. Cost effective
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