Up to your neck in alligators or too many big ticket executive and board issues to focus on the important stuff… you’re not alone.

Realised’s “Executive Management” service provides a trusted consultant with specialist skills developed over many years.  We focus on those Priority 2 requirements or one-off Priority 1′s that require action before the next executive or board meeting.

  • Ninja (get in, attack, get-out
  • Short Term Contract
  • Retainer (to keep those priority two tasks off your list, completed and solutions written up for your Board Report
Executive Management

A trusted support service for the CIO, COO or CFO, strategic projects or one-off initiatives including:

  • Internal IT systems projects;
  • Intranet HR paperless office systems;
  • Vendor implementation management;
  • Client Contracts, MSA, SOW, RFP;
  • Risk Management

For the CEO or MD: 

  • Corporate Services
  • Vision and Values
  • Lean Strategy
  • Support with Marketing, Web design, SOE, Google Adwords, LinkedIn Ads


Management Strategy

Specialist HR, People and Culture strategies, no issue too big or small.  Providing real value with specialist skills in building team’s capability, HR systems implementation and integration and intranet design for an internal paper free office.  Support for all your HR, People & Culture Initiatives:

  • HR Systems implementation, HR paperless office, leave processing, performance reviews
  • Position descriptions, roles specifications, skill and knowledge matrix
  • Recruitment, on-line recruitment systems
  • Peer to peer performance rewards systems
  • Policy and procedures
  • Organisational objectives to group, team and personal objectives
  • Team building
  • Training and development

”Bruce assisted us with priority 1 and 2 items that required additional focus at a time when we needed to deliver on multiple projects. Bruce quickly oriented in the organisation and without fuss, quickly produced results for us”

Colin Dawson, CEO HSAGlobal