The Change Coach

We’ve been working with a client undergoing a major (multiple year, multi $M) systems and organisational transformation programme.

They weren’t ready to hire a full time change manager but realised the need to get started with their change strategy and planning.

Their project planning and structure for the system transformation programme was complete and robust.  It included business project stream leads for people, processes, product and an experienced project manager with some change management training.

We proposed a Change Coach.  Working with the steam lead resources as an initial change team and set up weekly workshops to define the organisational change strategy, create the change plan, initially for the systems transformation programme, and develop the change management delivery plan, milestones, effort and resource requirements.  For this organisation, many of the core deliverables were well documented in the project charter, including, stakeholder analysis, communications and training plans, so they were able to complete the change plan quickly and efficiently.  Our support effort focused on the strategy, key change themes, the future model, people benefits, a deeper stakeholder analysis, resistance management plans, a deep understanding of 2nd order change and change roles & responsibilities.

Successful outcomes from this process included the project manager confidently taking up the change manager role and a clear change strategy with repeatable processes presented to the board to initiate the more significant organisation transformation programme. Additionally, the initial change team was expanded to incorporate some of key business stakeholders and they have a change delivery project plan in progress…

Realised Change Management Strategy

The Change Coach Workshop

As a result of this experience we’ve developed a Change Coach Workshop.


The Change Coach Workshop is designed for those organisation who understand a full time change management consultant is not always required to:

  • Develop an internal Change Management Team
  • Select and customise an appropriate change methodology
  • Implement repeatable change processes
  • Train key programme and business resource
  • Reduce permanent & contractor resource costs

The workshop provides an effective, risk free process to move forward with your change programme initiatives.