Realised Change Management Case Study – Lean & Team Building

The Challenge:

  • Prior to the arrival of the new Managing Director, staff and managers were discouraged from being innovative… “just get on and do it my way”
  • The sales, development, support and operation teams were often feuding
  • Dysfunction within teams from dominating, overbearing or opinionated team members
  • Product transition from development to delivery causing product release quality and delivery date problems
  • Customer dissatisfaction

The Solution (overview)

  1. The CINZ Change Methodology was applied
  2. Change Message – the Managing Director delivers the “need to change” message and gets buy in from the management team
  3. Team Building – a team building programme was developed using Belbin Team Roles (measuring preferred behaviour when working within a team)
  4. Lean Process Improvement – A Lean Continuous Improvement Programme was initiated
  5. Develop High-Performing Teams – Building on the initial Belbin team building workshops to develop high-performing teams utilising Team Architecture and Team Tool-Box principles







Leadership Solutions represents Belbin Associates in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. As the licensee they are responsible for the distribution and servicing of Belbin products throughout New Zealand and the Pacific Islands region.  They also provide consulting services that utilise Belbin Team Roles and similarly focused concepts and instruments – drawing on the fundamental development tenets of ‘strengthening your strengths’ and ‘making best use of the differing talents around you’